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The goal of the Ishin Hotels Group is to acquire and invest in hotels and resorts facilities throughout Japan that exhibit strong growth potential.
An experienced and performance oriented management team ensures asset growth through direct brand consolidation property management and improvement.
Ishin Hotel Group is ready to provide a variety of assistance to turn hotels and resorts with growth potential into a first-class profit generators in the Japanese market.

Acquisition Development and Execution
ĦInvestment Targeting
Ishin Hotels Group analyzes the regional economy and hotel/resort markets nationwide, and accurately identifies the optimal style, scale, and investment timing for the area and facility to invest in.

ĦDue Diligence
Ishin Hotels conducts detailed on-site inspections of the property and facility concerned including the management process, data Well as monitoring the current status of the facility and related equipment - such as machinery safety, earthquake resistance, and environmental safety compliance. Additionally we analyze the current policies in place and recommend any need for improvement in operations, human resources, accounting, tax accounting, and legal affairs or other applicable departments.

ĦInvestment Implementation Execution
Based on due diligence, we calculate and underwrite reasonable trade values, and handle price negotiations with the owner as well as introduce practical trade negotiations, and negotiations to procure purchasing funds with financial organizations.

Business Development and Operation
In order to refurbish the facilities to suit the brand and identified markets, Ishin Hotels Group implements effective use of the hotels/resorts and upgrades the facilities including the guest rooms, the public space and the employee areas.We ensure that all renovations are carried-out in an environmentally friendly procedure.

Ishin Hotels ensures that the quality standard is of the highest for day-to-day operations and
institutes fair and reasonable personnel hiring, human resources policies, and training systems, establishes data processing systems, and adopts improved profit management.

ĦMarketing & Sales
We review the market, product and potential to rebrand the hotel in cooperation with both domestic and international hotel brands. We established Customer Relationship Management facilities, implement appropriate advertising and Press release activities including drawing up action plan details for selected targets, implement sales activities for each specialized channel, and intensively manage sales activities with the national sales office.

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