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Pless Rerease

July 20, 2004
The banquet hall gthe Queen Hallh and chapel in Kyoto Royal Hotel renewed.

- The concept is gCordial Weddingh, the space we can support bridal couple with our hospitality -

Kyoto Royal Hotel invests the total cost of construction of 42 million yen from July 20,2004, and performs modification of the banquet hall gQueen Hallh(2nd floor of the building) facing Kawaramachi-dori and a chapel type wedding hall.

This renewal performed by Asao Nakayama, a exclusive designer at W Design International, create elegant and contemporary space which made the design concept gchic, & simpleh and made Brown and the silky white as itfs the key colors. (Construction: OBAYASHI GUMI)

The bridal concept after modification is entitled gCordial Weddingh. Kyoto Royal Hotel helps a skillful couple's great rendition in high-quality service and space. Moreover, at a refurbished chapel, the ceremony which took in the rendition
of live music with the grand harp which makes overseas residence wedding consider, and a scent can be realized.

Both the renewed institutions will be opened to the public in the bridal fair at Kyoto Royal Hotel on August 29, 2004. The first wedding and wedding reception after renewal taking carry it out on September 4th.

By this modification, Kyoto Royal Hotel expects the increase in 30 to 60 persons' middle-scale wedding reception that most made into a strong point, and aims the    Number of wedding cases at 200 in the 2005 fiscal year.

Kyoto Royal Hotel outline:

Location: Sanjou-agaru, Kawaramachi, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto, Kyoto postal code: 604-8005
General manager: Hiroshi Toyama

Representative: COO/ Michael Nigitsch
Location: 10th floor, Shuwa Kamiya-cho Building, 4-3-13 Kamiya-cho, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Representation telephone: (03) 5733-7733

Modification outline
Construction schedule: July 20, 2004 ? August 12 [24 days of a total]
Modification area: 411 square meters
Design and construction: OBAYASHI GUMI, Kyoto
Design editorial supervision: W Design International/Director Nakayama Asao (Under-exclusive-contract designer with ISHIN HOTELS GROUP)
The total cost of construction: 42,000,000 yen

Queen Hall
Floor area: 354 square meters
Ceiling Height: 2.4m
Accommodation number: 200
Location: The second floor of Kyoto Royal Hotel

The banquet hall long to the north and south and it faces to Kawaramachi-dori and can take in natural light.
It can be divided into 5 divisions.
After the renewal, the hall is again born to a space with composure of the residence style.
We have newlywed couples enjoy the rendition, which is full of originality by making a design simple.

Chapel type wedding hall
The name after modification will be gChapelle Cordialeh

Floor area: 57 square meters
Ceiling height: 2.2m
Accommodation number: 60
Location: The second floor of Kyoto Royal Hotel

It is simple and renews to the refined space for which the marriage ceremony in residence is imagined.
The marriage ceremony by the live music of a new grand harp is realized with modification in the hotel in Kinki area.
The rendition of the scent using diffuser is also taken in and the healing space by the essential oil of 100% nature is directed.

Inquiry about this case

Kyodo PR Inc.
charge: Takeuji, Hori, Ono
TEL : 03-3571-5171
FAX : 03-3574-1005

In advance of the general public presentation after modification, it is considering as the schedule, which will carry out the inspection meeting to the news media concerned late in August. We will carry out guidance anew.

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