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Pless Rerease

September 28, 2004
Acquisition of International Garden Hotel Narita

Dear Now, We are increasingly delighted with your health and prosperity.

Lately, We, ISHIN HOTELS GROUP (COO: Michael Nigitsch, head office: Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo), acquired gInternational Garden Hotel Narita (458 guest rooms), and started management from September 28, 2004.

Since International Garden Hotel Narita opened in 1996, itfs
Used widely around Narita Airport area as the newest gairport hotelh for the customers who leaves to the foreign countries, for who come from Asian direction, and many businessmen going abroad for their business.

Itfs site area owns at least 28 square meters that is the widest room space in this area. In addition as in name of gGardenh, the hotel possesses the orchard in the hotel site, and grows the herb and fruits. The orchard surrounds the jogging course in the site.

In order to respond to our customerfs needs, the hotel owns fitness gym, Jacuzzi and stream pool in the building, and also open-air tennis court.

In order to enrich the current facilities in the management side, we introduce the hotel system (PMS=Property Management System), and strengthen the business by remodeling the coffee shop, etc.

The number of guest rooms around Narita airport area will be increased at 1006, including gHilton Naritah, which is affiliated with ISHIN HOTELS GROUP, with this acquisition of gInternational Garden Hotel Naritah.

We, ISHIN HOTELS GROUP, enhance efficient management and the service by starting this intensive purchase of the area.

ISHIN HOTELS GROUP was established by joint investment of gSoros Real Estate Investersh and gThe Westmont Hospitality Grouph. We are going to acquire gKagoshima Tokyu Hotelh on October 1st. Including gInternational Garden Hotel Naritah, we own 6 hotels in Japan, and we are planning to acquire, possess and manage of hotels at the domestic every place from now on.

Sincerely yours

The inquiry about this affair

Kyodo PR Inc.
charge: Takeuji, Hori, Ono
TEL : 03-3571-5171
FAX : 03-3574-1005

International Garden Hotel Narita
Location: 241-1, Yoshikura, Narita, Chiba
Postal code:286-0133


Opening day: June 1, 1996

Building outline:
Site area / 18,923.46 m 2
Building area / 3,470.05 m 2
Hotel total floor area / 22,413.23 m 2
Hierarchical / terrestrial: 9 floor, underground: 1 floor, tower house: 1 floor

Operating institution:
The number of guest rooms [458 rooms] (Deluxe single: 308, Deluxe double: 10, Deluxe twin: 138, Suite 2)
A restaurant institution / Wings (European food), Annex (Japanese-style food), Bar lounge
Forum / total 4 (8) rooms [A total of 448 square meters]
Conference room and a banquet hall / 1 room [168 square meters]
Fitness institution / tennis court, a fitness gym, a stream pool, Jacuzzi, a jogging course

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