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Pless Rerease

October 1, 2004

Dear Now, We are increasingly delighted with your health and prosperity.

Lately, ISHIN HOTELS GROUP (COO: Michael Nigitsch, head office: Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo), acquired the gKagoshima Tokyu Hotelh (206 guest rooms), and started management from October 1, 2004. The hotel concerned will continue management as a gKagoshima Tokyu Hotelh as franchise hotel of Tokyu HOTELS under the influence of an ISHIN HOTELS GROUP.

The gKagoshima Tokyu hotelh is a bay front hotel, which can desire an unparalleled view of grand Sakurajima and the Kinko-wan bay. A local visitor also uses widely as a base of the Kagoshima sightseeing and business since it opened in 1981.
In addition to opening of traffic of the Shinkansen, and the enormous push of the increase in a tourist from Asia, expansion of the further market will be aimed at in South Kyushu areas, such as upgrade of a wedding facilities, and complete modification of a restaurant and a guest room, introduction a relaxation spa using the hot spring. We are taking advantage of a national chain brand aiming at a few formation of a city resort hotel in the class of a first-class hotel from now on. The investment scale is planning hundreds of millions of yen.

Joint investment of gSoros Real Estate Investersh and a gWestmont Hospitality Grouph established the ISHIN HOTELS GROUP. Acquisition of gKagoshima Tokyu hotelh is added for gInternational Garden Hotel Naritah on September 28, and we have six hotels are affiliated with ISHIN HOTELS GROUP. Possession and management of a hotel are scheduled to continue be performed in various parts of domestic.
We ask our customers and concerned to give us much more guidance and encouragement in the future including a visitor.

Sincerely yours

The inquiry about this affair

Kyodo PR Inc.
charge: Takeuji, Hori, Ono
TEL : 03-3571-5171
FAX : 03-3574-1005

The Kagoshima Tokyu Hotel
Location: 22-1, Kamoikeshimmachi, Kagoshima, Kagoshima
Postal code: 890-0064

Opening day: September 25, 1981

Building outline:
Site area / 6,562 square meters
Building area / 4,500 square meters
Hotel total floor area / 14,934 square meters
Hierarchical / above grade: 10 floor/ basement level: 1 floor/ tower house: 2 floors

Operating facilities:
The number of guest rooms: 206
(Single, Twin, Deluxe Twin, Double, Suite)

Large middle banquet halls
a total of five rooms/ A total of 716 square meters

restaurant facilities
Hibiscus (European food)
Yamabuki (Japanese-style food)
Freesia (steakhouse)
Azalea (lounge)
Salvia (bar)

Additional facilities
Natural hot spring gSPAh

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