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Pless Rerease

March 1, 2006
Ishin Hotels Group in collaboration with PETNEXT
Introduces an accommodation plan in which guests can stay with their small-sized dogs
-"Bring Your Sweetie"-

Ishin Hotels Group (President and CEO: Michael Nigitsch/ Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo Japan) is proud to announce an exciting new service in which guests can stay with their small-sized dogs.

The plan called "Bring Your Sweetie" will be implemented at 13* Ishin hotels from April 1st and will be operated in conjunction with leading pet-related goods company PETNEXT (represented by Mr. Keiichiro Shuto). Reservations for "Bring Your Sweetie" can be made at from April 1.

The drastic growth of pet-related goods and services combined with increased leisure time and the desire of dog lovers to travel with their precious pets has created a need for the service. Ishin Hotels Group believes that there is no reason why people should be separated from their pets and "Bring Your Sweetie" allows pet lovers to travel with their small size dogs**.

With the support of PETNEXT, Ishin Hotels Group has put in place a special program of hospitality training and aftercare service for pets at every participating hotel. "Bring Your Sweetie" also includes a special partnership with NPO, the Japan Pet-sitter Association and veterinarians near each hotel to quickly respond to emergencies such as illnesses as well as arrange dog-sitters for when guests go out for sightseeing or business.

Limited pet accommodation plans already exist at few resorts or pensions; however, Ishin Hotels Groups` service is a new initiative for traditional city hotels. Recent research on pets and the needs of pet owners encouraged Ishin to develop the program. Each participating hotel will have several guest rooms set aside for "Bring Your Sweetie" and look forward to welcoming guests with their dogs.

The new pet-friendly service starts at check-in with a lemon grass oil blended grooming spray amenity. Each specially designated "Bring Your Sweetie" room will have a fenced pen with a tray and bowl and guests will be able to enjoy meals with their pets from room service. Nearby "pet friendly cafés will be introduced to guests staying at a participating hotel where room service is not available.

Ishin Hotels Group, through its new "Bring Your Sweetie" pet stay service continues to expand its already wide range of services and understand its guests' needs.

*Since Kagoshima Tokyu Hotel is part of the Tokyu Hotels franchise and Sunroute Akasaka is a franchise of the Sunroute Hotel chain, these two hotels will be excluded from this particular accommodation plan.
**Dogs that can stay are limited to those 10kg or under, which also fit into a cage.

Information on this news release

Ishin Hotels Group (ATTN: Aso/Masaka)
Kamiyacho Central Place 10F, 4-3-13, Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
TEL:03-5733-7733 Fax:5733-7734


Established: November 22, 2004
Headquarters: NEO Bldg. 4F, 2-20-5 Shinkawa, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Number of employees: 4 (As of February 1, 2006)
Business description: Consultation of pet related business
  Retail sales of pet accessories on web and catalogs
  Wholesales of pet accessories
  Planning and designing of pet accessories
Representative: Keiichiro Shuto


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