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Sanrio Puroland

Sanrio Puroland is an all-weather indoor theme park where children can meet their favorite characters.
There are various attractions and restaurants, as well as a variety of shows and seasonal events.
This is the place to go for an enjoyable time with Hello Kitty and all of her friends.

Address F 1-31 Ochiai, Tama-shi, Tokyo
Tel F 042-339-1111

By car F

From the north exit of JR Hachioji Station, take the main street in front of the station (Kuwanamiki Dori).
Turn right at theyHachioji Station Entrance 1zintersection into Route 20 (Koshu Kaido).
Turn right at theyHonjuku Police Boxzintersection into Kamakura Kaido.
Turn left at theyTama Center Entrancezintersection.
Turn left at the lights just under the Tama Center Station overpass.

- Parking
There is underground parking at Puroland. Parking is also available at the Tama Center community car park.

By train F

ETake the Yokohama Line from JR Hachioji Station
Change to the Keio Sagamihara Line at JR Hashimoto Station
Get off at Keio Tama Center Station

ETake the Keio Line from Keio Hachioji Station
Change to the Keio Sagamihara Line at Chofu Station
Get off at Keio Tama Center Station

Tokyo Summerland

Address F 600 Kamiyotsugi Shiraishi, Akiruno-shi, Tokyo
Tel F 042-558-6511

By Car
(From downtown,Tokyo)

Get on the Shuto Expressway bound for the Chuo Expressway.
From the Chuo Expressway drive in the direction of Hachioji.
After Hachioji Interchange, at Hachioji Junction transfer to the Ken-ohdo Expressway toward Ome.
Get off at Akiruno Interchange Exit.(2nd exit from Hachioji Junction).
After the exit, turn left at the traffic light.
When you see Summerland Bowling Pin in front of you, turn right.
Tokyo Summerland is about 500m from Akiruno Interchange Exit.

By Train and Bus F

From Shinjuku Station take Chuo line for Ome or Okutama Station. Get off at Haijima Station (About 50min).
From Haijima Station transfer to Itsukaichi line for Akigawa Station (3rd stop).
From Akigawa Station public transportation is available by bus or taxi. By bus take the bus bound for Tokyo Summerland (About 5min).

Tama Zoo

Tama Zoological Park, one hour from central Tokyo by train, is a unique zoological park,
where animals are displayed under naturalistic and spectacular habitats set up in its vast land of 52 ha (129 acres).
The zoo has three ecological areas, i.e., the Asiatic Garden, African Garden and Australian Garden, and the Insectarium.

Tama Zoo

Tama Zoo opens 9:30am. to 5:00pm (tickets sold until 4:00pm) and
closes every Wednesday (closes Thursday if Wednesday is a public holiday).

Address F Tama Zoo, 7-1-1, Hodokubo, Hino-shi, Tokyo 191-0042, Japan
Tel F 042-591-1611

Mt. Takao

In recognition of its magnificent beauty, the 2007 edition of Michelin's Voyager Pratique Japon,
the famous French travel guidebook, awarded Mt. Takao and Mt. Fuji the maximum of three stars.
Standing 599 meters (1,965 ft) tall and located within an hour of downtown Tokyo,
Mt. Takao

it is a popular hiking spot, with eight hiking courses and more than 2.5 million annual visitors

Museum Leisure  Museum 

Tokyo Fuji Art Museum

This comprehensive museum was established in 1983.
It holds approximately 30,000 works of art of various genres.
Among its collections, this museum is especially noted for its oil painting collection, which includes a collection presenting an overview of the 500-year history of western painting, and its photography collection featuring many masterpieces.

Address F 492-1 Yano-machi, Hachioji-shi, Tokyo 192-0016
Tel F 042-691-4511
Parking F 100 cars (free of charge)
Hours F 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. (reception ends at 4:30 p.m.)
Admission F Adults | 800 yen,
High school and college students | 500 yen,
Elementary and junior high school students | 200 yen

By car F From the Chuo Expressway, take the second exit from the Hachioji Interchange and head towards downtown Hachioji, merging into Route 16.
Turn right at the third traffic light (Yano Kaido Line Entrance) and go straight.
At the second traffic light, turn right.
By bus F From the north exit of JR Hachioji Station, take
a) the Nishi Tokyo bus bound for Tokyo Fuji Museum from bus stop #12 (approx. 1 min. walk from the last stop)
b) the bus bound for Soka University to Yano-machi. (approx. 3 min. walk)
c) any bus bound for Tobuki, Kyorin University, or Junshin Academy (via Fuji Museum) to Soka University Main Gate (approx. 1 min. walk)
From Keio-Hachioji Station, go to Nishi Tokyo bus stop #4
Take any bus bound for Tobuki, Kyorin University, or Junshin Academy (via Fuji Museum) to Soka University Main Gate (1) (approx. 1 min. walk)
From the west exit of JR Fukuo Station, take
a) the bus bound for Tokyo Fuji Art Museum from the Nishi Tokyo bus stop (approx. 1 min. walk from the last stop)
b) take the bus bound for Junshin Academy (approx. 5 min. walk from the final stop)

Murauchi Art Museum
(Japanese website only)

This museum was modeled after a small, cozy museum in Paris which Michimasa Murauchi once visited, called the Gustave Moreau Museum. It opened in 1982 with the concept of a small museum with a generous range of artwork to bring visitors back again and again.
The exhibit room has a permanent display of approximately 140 works mainly of the Barbizon School along with works of impressionists and artists of the same period.

Address F 3F Murauchi Furniture Access, 787 Sanyumachi, Hachioji-shi, Tokyo.
Tel F 042-691-6301
Parking F free of charge
Hours F 10:30 am to 6:00 pm
(admission by 5:30 pm)
Admission F Adults | 600 yen,
High school and college students | 400 yen,
Elementary and junior high school students | 300 yen

By car F Just off the Hachioji I.C. (Hachioji City Exit) from Chuo Expressway on Route 16
By bus F Get off at JR Hachioji Station and proceed to the north exit.
Free shuttle bus
Leaves from the front of the Hachioji Station post office (1F Tokyu Square) every 40 minutes from 9:40 am on weekdays, every 30 minutes from 9:30 am on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays
The bus is a purple and white mini-bus. (approx. 15 min. ride to destination)
Public bus
From the bus terminal at the north exit of Hachioji Station,
#11 bus bound for Mitsuwadai Get off at Babayato (approx. 5 min. walk)
Bus bound for Tobuki (via Sanyu) Near Murauchi Furniture Access-mae
#12 bus bound for Kyorin University, Soka University, Tobuki and Tokyo Fuji Art MuseumGet off at Babayato (approx. 5 min. walk)

Ghibli Museum

Ghibli Museum is a museum featuring the Japanese anime work of Studio Ghibli,
and is located in Inokashira Park in Mitaka, a western suburb of Tokyo, Japan.
The museum is a fine arts museum, but does not take the concept of a usual fine arts museum.
With many features that are child-oriented and a sprawling and occasionally mazelike interior,
the museum is a playfully created place.

Ticket information F The museum requires tickets be purchased in advance for a specific day,
either from travel agencies outside Japan or
Lawson convenience store ticket kiosks in Japan.

The museum is a 15 minute walk from Mitaka Station.
There is also a shuttle bus that goes from Mitaka Station to the museum.
From Shinjuku Station in Central Tokyo it takes approximately 20 minutes
to Mitaka Station on the JR Chuo Main Line.