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FAQs About Marine Activities

Q Are all marine sports & activities available only during the summer?
AAll marine sports & activities, except for Seawalker, Parasailing and Beachland are available throughout the year.       
QWhat methods of payment are available for marine sports activities?
APayments can be made in cash or by major credit cards at the Beach Play Counter.
For hotel staying guests, charges may be made to your room and payment can be made upon check-out.
QDo you have Jetskis and motorboats for rent?
AJetskis and motorboats are not available for guest use only. However, they are offered as fun activities with our instructors that will take guests out on exciting rides.
This is to ensure the safety of our valued guests as well as the many skin divers, fishermen and nurseries that occupy the ocean by Sunmarina Hotel. We thank you for your understanding.
QAre there jellyfish at Sunmarina Beach?
AThere are during some periods of time, but only Nature can tell. At Sunmarina Hotel, we do our best to prevent the jellyfish from getting inside by putting a net around the swimming area. Our Beach Play Counter is equipped with a First Aid Kit and our marine staffs have been trained to assist in the case of any unfortunate circumstances.
QCan non-hotel staying guests swim at Sunmarina Beach?
AVisitors are welcome! There is no charge to swim at the beach, but if you are visiting by car, a parking fee of 300 Yen per hour (maximum 1, 000 Yen) will be required. Charges will apply respectively for equipment rental and optional tours etc.
QAre there changing rooms and lockers at the hotel?
AChanging Rooms equipped with restrooms, showers and lockers (coin-operated) are located outside, next to the Garden Pool.
Facilities are available for use by hotel guests (even before check-in or after check-out) and visitors.
*Changing Rooms and lockers are closed during off-season (mid-November through mid-March)
QIs there a swimming pool at the hotel?
AOur swimming pool is located outside, and we do not have any indoor swimming facilities. Please enjoy the Garden Pool, available for guests of all ages. The shallowest part of the kids pool is 30cms (approximately 1 foot), and the deepest part of the adult pool is 150cms (approximately 4.9 ft). Come try our winding waterslide, too! (Height restriction: must be over 130cms/4.3ft).
QDo you have swimming tubes for rent? Do you have air pumps?
ASwimming tubes can be rented from the Beach Play Counter (fees apply).
If you have your own, please feel free to use the air pump that is also available at the Beach Play Counter.
The hotel stores also carry swimming tubes available for purchase, along with other beach necessities for your convenience.
QIn what situations do marine sports activities get cancelled?
AAll marine sports activities are highly affected by weather and sea conditions. All programs are subject to changes and/or cancellations without prior notice as guest and staff safety must be ensured.
QAre there any marine sports activities for small children to enjoy?
ASmaller children can enjoy rides such as Banana Boating, Kayaking and Pedal Boats with adults. There are age restrictions on most activities; e.g. Seawalker: 10 years and above, Snorkeling: 5 years and above etc. Please inquire at the Beach Play Counter as restrictions may change depending on weather conditions.
QCan hotel guests use the facilities before check-in and after check-out?
AYes. Changing rooms and showers are also available.
QDo you allow people that cannot swim participate in your marine sports activities?
AAll marine sports activities offered at Sunmarina Hotel can be enjoyed by people that do not or cannot swim. Guests are required to wear life jackets to ensure safety when participating in any activity, and first-timers can also enjoy tours such as Introductory Diving, Snorkeling and Seawalker.
QHow high up in the air does the Parasailing go?
AParasailing will take you on a ride overlooking the beautiful sea from 40m above sea level.
QWhat kind of fish can be caught in Okinawa?
AIn the Friend Fishing (bottom fishing) Tour, common reef fish such as “Gurukun” (Okinawan for Double-lined Fusilier), Groupers and Filefish can be caught. Take the Payao Lure Fishing Tour for bigger fish such as Mahi-mahi, Tuna and Skipjack Tuna.
QWhat is a Glass-bottom Boat?
AThe Glass-bottom Boat at Sunmarina Hotel is built with glass fitted into the bottom section so that guests can look into the beautiful ocean from inside the boat. The many colorful tropical fish and coral will greet you as you observe Okinawa’s marine life from above the water.
QIs snorkeling permitted at Sunmarina Beach?
AMask and fins are permitted, however, we kindly ask all guests to refrain from using snorkels. This is to ensure the safety of all guests. If you would like to experience snorkeling with full equipment, we recommend optional tours such as the Boat Snorkel Tour and the Blue Cave Snorkel Tour that are guided by experienced instructors.
QAre there many fish at Sunmarina Beach?
AYou can see many fish in the swimming area, especially by the rocks.
QDo you provide beach towels?
AFor in-house guests, one beach towel per person per day is provided free of charge.
For visitors, beach towels are available at the Beach Play Counter with a rental fee.
QIf we rent parasols and chairs for the day, can we leave the beach and use them again when we return?
ARental fee is charged per day, which is based on the beach operation hours. Paid rental equipment may be used again, as long as you return to the beach within the operation hours of that day. Please inform the marine staff and the equipment will be kept for you for that day.
Please note that the rental time is not based on 24 hours from the time of payment.
QDo you offer snorkeling tours?
AThere are 2 optional tours: the Boat Snorkel Tour and Blue Cave Snorkel Tour that will take you to amazing snorkeling sites in Onna-son. Both tours are available for children and beginners. All participants will be required to wear life jackets, and take a short lesson on snorkeling. This is to ensure that everybody will be comfortable in the water and ready for a fantastic adventure! Tour price includes a snorkeling set, one towel and one drink. Wetsuits (child to adult sizes) also available upon request. All you need is your swimsuit! Our experienced guides will introduce you to Okinawa’s beautiful marine life. Enjoy!
QDo the marine sports activities at Sunmarina Beach get affected by the tide?
AThe sea level at Sunmarina Beach does not change very much during low and high tides, and all marine sports activities except for Sailing can be enjoyed all day. Please inquire at the Beach Play Counter for available sailing times.
QAre reservations required for marine sports activities?
AReservations may be taken on the day of your request, however will be strictly based on availability. We strongly recommend you to make reservations, especially during the summer season. Reservations are accepted at the Beach Play Counter by phone or by email from 1 month before your requested date.
For reservations and inquiries: Beach Play Counter
Tel: 81-98-965-2514 (if calling from overseas)
Email: kaihin.sunmarina.hotel@ishinhotels.com
TEL: 098-965-2514
FAX: 098-965-5982
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