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  • Sunmarina Beach

    Sunmarina Beach

    Sunmarina Beach, with its beautiful white sand and crystal-clear waters has been ranked as one of the highest quality beaches in Japan by the Ministry of Environment. Join our action-packed marine sports and activities, or simply relax on the beach. Sunmarina Beach has everything you would expect in a luxury hotel resort.

    Time Operation hours differ based on seasonality.
    Fees Free
  • Beachland


    Have fun with your family and friends on attractions like the 8m-high "Jumbo Slide", "Hamster water-walk" and "Trampoline". Available only during the summer season.

    Time Dates and hours of operation will change based on season and weather conditions.
    Fees Per attraction: Adult/Child 500 Yen (5 minutes)
    Beachland 1-Day Pass:
    03/21~06/30, 09/01~10/31
    1, 500 Yen

     2, 000 Yen

  • Beach Towel

    Beach Towel

    Beach towels can be rented at the Beach Play Counter. Rental is free for in-house guests.

    Time 1 day
    Fees (Hotel Guest) Free (for the first towel)
    324 Yen (from the second towel)
    Fees (Visitor) 324 Yen per towel
  • Parasol


    A "must-have" item to enjoy your day at the beach.

    Time 1 day
    Fees (Hotel Guest) 1,080 Yen
    Fees (Visitor) 1,620 Yen
  • Beach Chair

    Beach Chair

    Make yourself comfortable with our reclining deck chairs. Another "Must-have" item at the beach.

    Time 1 day
    Fees (Hotel Guest) per chair
    1,080 Yen
    Fees (Visitor) per chair
    1,620 Yen
  • Parasol & Beach Chair Set

    Parasol & Beach Chair Set

    The 2 "must-have" items bundled at a special price! Includes 1 parasol and 2 reclining chairs.

    Time 1 day
    Fees (Hotel Guest) per set
    2,700 Yen
    Fees (Visitor) per set
    4,320 Yen
  • Floating Beach Mat

    Floating Beach Mat

    Relax and enjoy the tranquil sea floating on this beach mat.

    Time 1 day
    Fees (Hotel Guest) per mat
    1,080 Yen
    Fees (Visitor) per mat
    1,296 Yen
  • Swimming Tube

    Swimming Tube

    Single/Double tubes available.

    Time 1 day
    Fees (Hotel Guest) Large
    1,080 Yen

    540 Yen
    Fees (Visitor) Large
    1,296 Yen

    648 Yen
  • Pedal Boat

    Pedal Boat

    Pedal boats are like big bicycles that you can ride in the ocean. They are very stable and easy to control.

    Time 30 minutes
    Fees (Hotel Guest) 1,620 Yen per boat
    Fees (Visitor) 2,160 Yen per boat
  • Kayak


    Enjoy kayaking in the ocean; so clear that you can see the marine life from above the water.

    Time 60 minutes
    Fees (Hotel Guest) 1,620 Yen per kayak
    Fees (Visitor) 1,728 Yen per kayak
    For 1 to 2 people
  • Windsurfing


    Rental equipment for experienced windsurfers. We have a wide variety of boards and sails suitable for all wind conditions.

    Time 1 hour / 3 hours
    Fees (Hotel Guest) 1 hour
    2,160 Yen
    3 hours
    5,400 Yen
    Fees (Visitor) 1 hour
    3,240 Yen
    3 hours
    6,480 Yen
  • Sailing (Catamaran/Dinghy)

    Sailing (Catamaran/Dinghy)

    Feel the wind on our catamaran and dinghy boats. Enjoy a ride with our instructors (additional charges apply) or sail by yourself if you have experience.

    Time 60 minutes
    Fees (Hotel Guest) 3,240 Yen
    Fees (Visitor) 4,320 Yen
    Instructor fee: 2,160 Yen
    Operation times vary based on the tide chart. Please inquire at the Beach Play Counter for available times.
・ Child: 4-11 years / Adult: 12 years and up
・ All prices include 8% consumption tax
・ All activities are subject to change or may be canceled depending on weather and sea conditions, and for any unforeseen circumstances. The hotel reserves the right to change tour conditions without notice to ensure guest and staff safety.
・ Cancellation Fees: Cancellation fees will apply from one day prior to your reservation. 50% will be charged for cancellations made the day before, and 100% will be charged for cancellations on the tour day or for no-show reservations.

[For reservations and inquiries]
Beach Play Counter
Opening hours : 8:30am - 5:30pm
Tel (Direct Line) : 098-965-2514 (Ext. 152)
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