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Okinawa Relaxation Spa Kupu-kupu

The chic and luxurious décor will take you to a world of deep relaxation the moment you step inside. Pamper yourself and experience our signature treatments at Okinawa Relaxation Spa kupu-kupu. Our massages and spa products feature a special blend of Okinawan local products which will help unwind your mind and body from your usual busy daily life, and leave you feeling totally refreshed and rejuvenated.

Okinawa Relaxation Spa kupu-kupu

Location Lobby Level (1st Floor)
Opening Hours 13:00-23:00
*Hours are seasonal and subject to change
For reservations and inquiries Tel: Ext. 175 (from guest rooms) / 098-965-2383 (direct line)
*Reservations required

Season Specials


● Autumn Facial (60mins) 9, 800 Yen

This treatment will protect your skin from the cold and dry winter months.

Includes: Foot Bath / Cleansing / Facial Treatment / Mineral Pack / Decollete / Toning / Head

● Back Treatment (40mins) 5, 000 Yen

If you got a lot of sun this summer, make sure you take care of it;

even in places like your back where it doesn't get as exposed in the colder months.

Includes: Foot Bath / Back Scrub / Back Treatment / Back Pack / Hand Treatment

Luxury Spa Course

Spa imageSpa image
【3 reservations per day ONLY!】 kupu-kupu Special Harmony
150 minutes: 32,400 Yen
Book for 2 and receive a discount!
From 64,800 Yen to 58,300 Yen (※ 29,150 Yen per person)
Treatment will be conducted in our “Twin Treatment Room”. Come along with your partner or friend and the price will become friendly, too! This is our signature treatment featuring a “kupu-kupu” full body massage that will excrete body waste and free you from all fatigue.
●Foot Bath・Counseling・Mist Sauna・Back Scrub & Pack・Foot Scrub (soles)・Full Body Treatment・Facial Treatment・Pack・Aroma Head Scalp Massage・Jacuzzi
Spa Sweet
120 minutes 23,800 Yen
Refresh in our Mist Sauna, and then enjoy the combination of a relaxing full body and facial treatment.
●Foot Bath・Counseling・Mist Sauna・Full Body Treatment・Facial Treatment・Pack・Jacuzzi
Okinawa Body Polish
100 minutes 21,600 Yen
Release yourself from all stress and fatigue with our Aroma Treatment and Jacuzzi. You will feel totally refreshed with beautifully toned skin.
●Foot Bath・Counseling・Full Body Polish・Full Body Treatment・Jacuzzi

Body & Facial Treatment

Spa imageSpa image
Relaxation Body & Facial Course
100 minutes 21,600 Yen
Combination of a back and facial treatment, popular amongst both ladies and men. A relaxing experience for your mind and body.
●Foot Bath・Counseling・Back Scrub & Pack・Back Body Treatment・Facial Treatment・Pack・Toning
Aromatherapy Spa Body & Facial Course
80 minutes 16,200 Yen
Feeling a little tired or stressed? Then this treatment is perfect for you. After a brief counseling session, our therapist will make a special blend of essential oils just for you, based on your condition. The original blended oil used in the treatment is a gift for you.
●Foot Bath・Counseling・Back Treatment・Facial Treatment・Toning
Stone Therapy Body & Facial Course
120 minutes  23,800 Yen
A spiritual therapy inherited from the ancient times. These stones are said to have powers that strengthen the natural healing ability inside the body. The hot stones are placed on acupuncture points to stimulate blood circulation. Feel your body swift into a world of tranquility…
●Foot Bath・Counseling・Stone Body Treatment・Facial Treatment・Pack・Toning

Head Massage

Spa image
Relax Head
40 minutes  8,600 Yen
The perfect massage if you are feeling tired from being in front of the computer a little too long, or if you simply just want to refresh yourself.
●Foot Bath・Counseling・Shoulder・Neck・Décolleté・Head

Body Treatment

Spa image
Herbal Treatment Special Course
60 minutes 13,000 Yen
●Foot Bath・Counseling・Full Body Lymph Treatment
Herbal Back Treatment Course
40 minutes 8,600 Yen
●Foot Bath・Counseling・Back Body Lymph Treatment

Facial Treatment

Spa imageSpa imageSpa image
Kupu Facial Treatment
80 minutes 16,200 Yen
A popular facial treatment with a relaxing back massage.
●Foot Bath・Counseling・Back Treatment・Décolleté & Facial Treatment・Pack・Toning
Okinawa Special Treatment
70 minutes 13,000 Yen
A kupu-kupu special focusing mainly on facial treatment but also including a head and arm massage. Choose from 2 different types of Okinawa packs based on your skin type.
●Foot Bath・Counseling・Cleansing・Décolleté & Facial Treatment・Pack (choice from 2 types)・Hand Treatment・Aroma Head・Lotion & Cream Toning
Spa Facial Treatment
60 minutes 10,800 Yen
Choose from 6 different types of facial packs to best suit your skin condition.
●Foot Bath・Counseling・Shoulder・Neck・Décolleté & Facial Treatment・Toning
Basic Facial Treatment
40 minutes 6,500 Yen
●Foot Bath・Counseling・Facial Treatment・Toning

Leg Treatment

Spa image
Foot Care (Keratin removal from the soles) & Lymph Drainage
70 minutes 10,800 Yen
●Foot Bath・Counseling・Foot Care (Keratin Removal from the soles)・Lymph Drainage (above & below the knee)・Foot Nail Care
Leg Treatment
30 minutes  6,000 Yen
●Foot Bath・Counseling・Lymph Drainage (below the knee)

Individual Treatment Menu

Spa imageSpa image
Herbal Back Scrub
3,200 Yen
Foot Care (Keratin Removal from the soles)
2,700 Yen
Facial Pack
2,200 Yen
2,200 Yen
Mist Sauna
2,700 Yen
3,200 Yen
Okinawa Relaxation Spa Kupu-kupu
  • Luxury Spa Course
  • Body & Facial Treatment
  • Head Massage
  • Body Treatment
  • Facial Treatment
  • Leg Treatment
  • Indevidual Treatment Menu
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