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Okinawa Relaxation Spa “nagomi”

Pamper yourself and experience our signature treatments at Okinawa Relaxation Spa "nagomi". The chic and luxurious décor will take you to a world of deep relaxation the moment you step inside. Enjoy the wide range of therapies, including island specials in the peaceful, resort atmosphere Our experienced therapists will help unwind your mind and body from your usual busy daily life, and leave you feeling totally refreshed and rejuvenated.

Okinawa Relaxation Spa “nagomi”

Place Marina side building
Operations Hours 16:00-24:00 (last entry 23:30)
For reservations & inquiries Ext 175

Season Specials

【APRIL ~ MAY SPECIAL】 Relax & Refresh! Promotion

Body & Foot Tsubo Massage (60 minutes) 5, 400 Yen

Focusing mainly on the back side, from the neck to the back, and thighs down to the ankles.
This massage will ease all muscle tenseness and help refresh your mind and body!Body massage from the neck down, followed by a foot tsubo massage that will help relieve fatigue from a long day of travelling or from an action-packed day in the sun.

Head Massage & Décolleté Aroma Massage (30 minutes) 4, 320 Yen

Lavender essential oil is used to help bring out the relaxing and lifting effect to the max.
Other scents also available upon request.

Luxury Spa Course

Spa imageSpa imageSpa imageSpa image
Body Treatment

Standard Course  40 minutes  4. 320 Yen

(Backside body massage from the neck down)

Special Course  60 minutes  6, 480 Yen

(Standard Course + Treatment on fatigued areas)

Premium Course  80 minutes  8, 640 Yen

(Standard Course + Extra treatment on fatigued areas)
Foot Reflexology
Trial Course 10 minutes 1, 080 Yen
(Soles only)

Standard Course  40 minutes  4, 320 Yen

(Feet, ankles, calves, knees) 
Head Reflexology

Standard Course  20 minutes  2, 160 Yen

(Head, Neck)

Special Course  30 minutes  3, 240 Yen

(Head, Neck, Shoulders)
Hand Reflexology

Standard Course  20 minutes  2, 160 Yen

(Hand to elbow)

Special Course  30 minutes  3, 240 Yen

(Hand to upper arm)

Body & Facial Treatment

Spa imageSpa image
Facial Treatment

Trial Course  30 minutes  5, 400 Yen
(Facial & Décolleté)

Standard Course  60 minutes  10, 800 Yen

(Cleansing ~ Facial & Décolleté ~ Facial Pack)

Premium Course  90 minutes  16, 200 Yen

(Standard Course + Extra treatment on neck & shoulders + Pack)
Body Treatment

Half Body Treatment  30 minutes  5, 400 Yen

(Back or Legs)

Standard Treatment  60 minutes  10, 800 Yen

(Back ~ Upper Arms ~ Legs)

Full Body Treatment  90 minutes  16, 200 Yen

(Décolleté ~ Abdomen ~ Back ~ Arms ~ Legs)


・All prices are tax inclusive.
・Essential oils are used in the Esthetic treatments.
・Treatments are all hand-applied. No equipment used.
・Treatments are not medical practices.
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